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A Little Bit About Onio

Onio (pronounced ‘O-nE-O) comes from the word Oniochalasia (pronounced ‘O-nE-O-ka-‘lA-zha). It means buying or shopping as a form of relaxation or therapy. We thought it was the perfect name for our new blog, only Oniochalasia is a bit of a mouthful. So, we shortened it to Onio to make it a little easier on all of us!

Onio is a lifestyle blog and as such, we hope to cover topics anywhere from Fashion and Home Decor to Fitness and Food, and everything in between! For a more comprehensive list of the breakdown of all we hope to cover (or to find what you are looking for quickly) click here (Or hit Categories in the bar up top).

If you have any desire to contribute, you can contact me via the “A Little Bit About Me” page (there’s an email box on the page). I would be more than happy to have any contributors!

Thanks so much, and enjoy your time on Onio!

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