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Top 7 Instagrammers You Should Be Following Right Now

Through working on my blog, I’ve become slightly obsessed with Instagram. How do those two platforms relate? Well I’m so glad you asked. Instagram is another way I’ve found to grow your following, get ideas from other like-minded individuals, and to follow those whose style and craft you find to be stellar. I follow a ton of others, ranging from bloggers to artists of many kinds. I’ve compiled a list below of the people who run my absolute favorite Instagram accounts that I think you should be following too. Under each one, I’ve included some of my favorite photos from their Instagram accounts – that way you get a snapshot of each individual’s unique style and fabulous nature. If you want to receive daily doses of said fabulous uniqueness, I would recommend that you follow them on Instagram as well!


Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha is someone who I found through a friend of mine. She told me I had to follow her because she had absolutely amazing tutorials, and she was right. Her make-up looks range from fashionable, everyday makeup to editorial style. Plus, her hair color is always changing and it is a kaleidoscope of beauty. Not only is she insta-famous, but she is also a Youtube star. She has amazing make-up tutorials hosted on her Youtube channel and the are beyond fabulous and definitely worth checking out.

✌️ #batalash

A post shared by SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL (@ssssamanthaa) on


 McKenna Bleu

Not only was McKenna featured in Washingtonian Magazine this year (where I currently work, NBD – pictured below), but she also has the Instagram account of Barbie’s dreams. She is a fashion, lifestyle & travel blogger, so she is an important follow for me, a fellow lifestyle blogger. Her workspace is plucked straight out of a catalog, her style is on point, and she seems to LOVE Charleston – and as many of you know, anyone who loves Charleston is a girl after my own heart!

Colors of #Charleston 💕#love #travelmbleu

A post shared by Mckenna Bleu (@mckennableu) on


Marika D’Auteuil 

Marika is an internationally published make-up artist from Montréal – she’s also only 25. I find it super impressive how much she has accomplished at such a young age. Her editorial make-up style is out of this world and is also quite frankly my aesthetic. The way she uses make-up to create mind-blowing transformations is truly a thing of beauty and art.

My name is Marika D'Auteuil . I'm a french canadian living in Montreal . I am 24 years old ( 25 in a month 😭 god , time flies ). I don't post too much pictures of makeup on myself simply because I realised I was better at doing makeup on others . I'm not a beauty guru , i'm an artist . I don't wear too much makeup when I work because I prefer to sleep one more hour than having a flawless contour . Im not the one who needs to look perfect , my models do . Makeup is my life , its in every minutes of my day , its everywhere I look . I just hope my career can grow and grow so I can do this everyday and not worry about money , if I'm going to have enough of it to pay my food and rent at the end of the month . I want to travel , I want to learn , I want to meet people , I want to be proud of what I do . ❤️

A post shared by Marika D'Auteuil (@lapetitevengeance) on

La tête dans les nuages . 6 of 7 The project i had in mind for a while and that I'm so happy to share with you . Thanks to my wonderful team for trusting me and helping me create these amazing images . Credits: Photo and post-prod @linevanille Model : @annikacuz @dulcedomodels Hair and moral support @nadiaabouwaked #lorealpro Makeup and artistic direction : Marika D'Auteuil 💃💃 #instamakeup #makeupartist #mua #maccosmetics #occ #limecrime #illamasqua #sugarpill #anastasiabeverlyhills #alexbox #patmcgrath #makeupforever #crownbrushuk #vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #fotd #makeupartistsmeet @muastars #beatthatface #batalash #graftobian #loreal #kryolan #nyxcosmetics #bestmakeupart #backstagewithpatmcgrath #fiercesociety

A post shared by Marika D'Auteuil (@lapetitevengeance) on



Caitlin is a “PR girl” and UNC-Chapel Hill alum. She is another fashion and lifestyle blogger who I look to for inspiration for my own lifestyle blog. She is also a self-proclaimed southern belle, which is reflected daily in her posts. As someone who went to school in Charleston, South Carolina (and who misses it dearly!) her southern style makes me feel like I’m home.


Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a “hair activist” in West Hollywood. His hair magic is enough to make any person swoon on the spot. He explains how he achieves his hair masterpieces, and that’s something I love so much. He has a Youtube channel as well. Basically, his entire Instagram account is hair porn, and I am totally here for it.

Industrial pastel tones

A post shared by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on


Laura Kay, Diary Sketches

Laura is a fashion illustrator, and an amazing one at that. Seriously, if you haven’t already seen what she can do with a pen and paper, you should. As someone who has always desired to illustrate fashion, she is my role model. She is 50 shades of amazing. Her illustrations never cease to amaze me, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same if you take a look at what she can do.


A post shared by Laura Kay (@diarysketcheslk) on


Arielle Tan, With All My Affection

Arielle is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also one of the first blogger to reach out to me and like my posts when I was first getting started a few months ago. She is another lifestyle blogger who I aspire to be like and who inspires me and my blog. I mean it when I say that her Instagram also makes my heart sing! Her blog is amazing too, so you should definitely check that out as well.

So there you have it! What do you think? Do you already follow any of the above? Do you have any other instagrammers you think need to be followed immediately? Let me know and comment below! And don’t forget to follow Onio on Instagram as well! Thanks so much!

Disclaimer: Only one of these photos belongs to me – the picture from Onio’s Instagram directly above. The rest of the pictures above do not belong to me, but to their respective Instagram accounts and the people who run/manage those accounts. I do not own any of them. If any of the above pictures do belong to you and you wish for them to be removed from this post, please contact me directly and I will take them down immediately.

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    • You definitely should, her Instagram is insanely amazing!

      You’re welcome, Arielle! I’m glad it means a lot as I enjoy following your Instagram for daily doses of inspiration 🙂


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