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Song/Video of the Week : On My Mind


Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I heard the song on the radio about two weeks ago, and since then I decided this song and music video would be perfect to discuss on my blog.

“On My Mind” is a single from English, singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding from her upcoming album Delirium. It’s to be her third studio album. “On My Mind” was released on September 17, 2015 as the album’s lead single.

Back in college I really enjoyed listening to Ellie Goulding’s music. Her album Lights was my life’s blood. I didn’t dislike her second album, but there were only a couple of songs on it I liked. Her more recent songs, like “Love Me Like You Do” and “Explosions” are not my cup of tea. When “On My Mind” first came on the radio, I almost changed the channel because I have been less than impressed with her music lately. But when I actually heard the opening beat, something about them stopped me from changing the channel. I listened to the whole song and I actually really enjoyed it.

The song is about a (most likely) drunken one night stand with someone you know you shouldn’t be with. It showcases how what the head and heart wants can cause serious inner turmoil in a person.

Though Goulding has denied it, a lot of people believe this song was made in response to Ed Sheeran’s song “Don’t.” I agree that there are a lot of details in the two songs that make it seem that way. Both discuss a drunken one night stand that messed up a relationship, which people seem to think is what ended Ed & Ellie’s brief relationship. While no one can say for certain, I would say that the details in the songs make me suspicious that both songs are actually related and about their brief relationship. That, however, is just my opinion.

Whether it is true or not, I enjoyed the song. I also enjoyed the music video, and have included some screenshots from it below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve included the music video below as well so that you may view and make you own opinions and judgements on the song and on the music video.

What do you think? Do you like the new song and music video? Why or why not? Do you think Ellie’s newest sound shows a return to her old sound? Let me know what you think and comment below!

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures, music, or videos featured in the post. All media featured in this post is the property of the artist (Ellie Goulding), the writers (Ellie Goulding, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh) the producers (Max Martin and Ilya), and the label (Polydor). Some information above was taken from the Wikipedia page about the song. If anything featured in my post belongs to you and you wish for me to take it down, please contact me and I will do so immediately. No copyright infringement intended.

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