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Tips and Tricks: Tuck and Cover Hair Style

I have seen this method on Pinterest recently, but I didn’t learn it there, I learned it from a friend of mine and I have to say it is a genius way to do your hair. It’s called the “Tuck and Cover” (at least, that’s what people seem to be calling it on the internet so I decided to go with the flow) and now, instead of always pulling my hair back haphazardly into a ponytail or a half-assed messy bun, I can use this little trick. It’s a quick and easy way to do your hair without expending too much effort. It looks fancy and like you spent forever doing it, but it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes (10 if you’re a perfectionist).

I’ve included a diagram below to show how it is done.


For those of you that need a little more than a picture to help you out, I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of what you will need and step-by-step instructions on how to get the above look.

Things You Will Need :

  • an elastic/stretch headband
  • bobby pins (optional depending on hair length)
  • hair spray (optional)

Step 1 : Take your elastic/stretch headband (making sure it is not too tight or too loose) and put it on top of your head like a crown – the first two pictures in the upper right hand corner show how it should look.

Step 2 : Take a small section of hair from the front on one side and fold it over the headband. Pull it through on the other side until you can’t pull anymore. That small section of hair should be wrapped around the headband once so far, and it should look like the 1st picture in the second row of the diagram.

Step 3 : Do the same thing as Step 2 on the other side of your head.

Step 4 : Repeat Steps 2 and 3 so that you’ve now folded a small section of hair over the headband and pulled it through twice on either side of your head, so four times total. Both sides should look like the third picture in the second row.

Step 5 : Begin folding the rest of you hair over, tucking it into the headband as you go. (Important Note : Don’t pull any of the hair all the way through for this step, or it won’t work.) Just keep folding and rolling until you feel all the hair has been tucked in.

If you are happy with how it looks and feel it is secure, you are good to go from there. If not, proceed to Steps 6 and 7.

Step 6 : Bobby pin any stray hairs, or any hair that is loose and in danger of escaping. If you feel your hair has been secured with the bobby pins successfully, you can finish here.

Step 7 : If not, hair spray your hair for extra security.

There you have it, folks! The “Tuck and Cover.” If you give it a try, let me know how it works out for you. Or, if you think there’s a better way to do it, let me know that as well. Any other questions, comments, etc. just comment below and let me know! Thanks so much for reading!

Note: All pictures in this post belong to me. I took all of them myself. If you would like to use any of them, please contact me and let me know. All I would ask is that you give me credit and/or link my blog as the source. Thanks!

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