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Tips and Tricks: How To Make Your Bedroom Your Happy Place

Because if your room isn’t your happy place, what is?

I moved back home about a year and a half ago from college. I hadn’t been living there for virtually four years (two/three full years if you count summers spent not at home) and my grandma lived in my room for a period of time while I was away. So, it’s safe to say that upon my return, it didn’t even feel like my own room anymore. It felt more like a dorm room. I had been moving around for so long that my life was in boxes, not in my childhood home. So as you can see by the picture below, I had a lot of work to do in order to make my bedroom into my happy place again.

It wasn’t an easy or quick process either, It took me a very long time to make myself comfortable and happy in my own room. It might even be fair to say I’m still settling in, considering I only just now hung up my degree a year and a half later.

 So while trying to move into a new place, or an old place you haven’t been in a while even, just remember that it will take time for you to make it your own. Now, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over this past year and a half in making your bedroom into your happy place.

1. Calming Colors.

Now I like bright colors as much as the next person, but in your room and on the walls, you should try to go with more neutral colors. Shades of gray (again, I can’t help myself, I love the color gray), pastels, those are colors that are best suited for your walls. It makes the atmosphere just feel more calm and comfortable in my opinion. Same thing with carpet. My own carpet is gray and my walls are a pale purple gray. You might think it’s too much gray, but it’s not. The colors compliment each other well, but they are not so similar that they just meld together.

2. Add some life to it!

Plants, real or fake, always brighten up a room. You could have all real, all fake, or a mixture of both. I have a mixture of both. For example, the vase below is my grandmother’s and I have always loved it. I wanted to get some good fake flowers for it because I didn’t want to have to be changing them constantly. So I went to Michael’s Craft Store and I made myself a lovely bouquet that went with not only the vase but my room as well. Also, the little bottle next to it holds the petals from the last rose in my graduation bouquet. Personal touches are also a great way to make yourself feel comfortable in your room, but more on that later.


The other plant life I’ve added to my room to liven it up is a bundle of air plants in a little terrarium. Air plants are pretty easy to take care of and I haven’t killed all of them yet! (Although some of them have had to face the consequences of my neglect – but I’m working hard not to forget they do need water too!)

The other plants I have in my room are succulents and, believe it or not, I’ve found them to be a lot harder to kill than my air plants. They are hardy and pretty (although my friends on the west coast may not agree with me since succulents are literally everywhere out there).

The reason I find it so important to have some green in your room is because they just brighten up your mood. It’s as simple as that. Plus it adds some decor that’s alive, and how cool is that?

3. Personal Touches.

I said I would come back to this, so here I am – personal touches. Things like your degree or the last petals of a flower from your graduation bouquet are personal touches – they are pieces of you. Having things like that in your room really help to make it your own. They make you feel comfort on the highest level. Even if other people might not get it, it’s your room. You need to do what you like. No one else has to live there but you.

Sometimes personal touches can be as simple as a Tinkerbell decal above your light switch.


Or a dreamcatcher that you’ve had throughout college hanging from your ceiling.


A shelf of books you’ve been collecting since you were a little girl. (Hopefully I’m not the only person like this who owns both a Nook and a ton of hard copy books – I like the Nook but nothing can replace good old-fashioned hard copy books for me.)


Personal touches are the second most important part of making your room feel like your happy place. Otherwise, it might just end up feeling like a hotel, and nobody wants that.

4. Smart Storage.

If you don’t want your bedroom to feel like a cluttered mess, you need to store things in a smart way. Under the bed bags for clothes that are out of season is one great way to do this.

Another is to have a good-looking place to throw your laundry that won’t fill up easily (like the one below I have in my room.) Plus, something like this helps you keep your clothes sorted, which helps you stay organized and get your laundry done easier!


A third way to store smart is to utilize the space behind your door. No one else looks behind your door but you (if you want it that way) so it’s a good place to store things that can easily be hung on the back of the door. Hats, jewelry and headbands are just a few of the things that can be stored this way. Especially if you utilize a hanging jewelry sorter (I don’t think that’s actually what it’s called, it’s just what I call it.) It’s a great way to make sure that everything has a place. This is probably one of the best ways I’ve found to store things, especially if you are living in a small space.


Finally, if you have extra closet space, you can store all sorts of things in it, not just clothes and shoes, but files and bins for later use. Basically, if you have enough room, it is a good place to store anything you don’t need to be readily available but that you do need to have around.

Also, color-coding your closet is a great way to organize and store your clothes smartly! It also makes it easier to get ready in the morning since it takes a lot less time to find what you need.

5. Don’t forget the “bed” in bedroom.

The most important part making your room feel like your happy place is your bed. It is, after all, called a “bed”room for a reason. So don’t forget to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Not just in how it feels, but how it looks. It should be the place where you always feel the most at peace. A lot of people say not to be in bed unless you are going to sleep, but I am a person who does literally everything in her bed when she can. In addition to make it a comfortable place for you to come home and take a load off after a long day of work, it should also look like the amazing cloud of wonder that it is. It’s the whole reason we have a bedroom. I did this by putting my bed between the two windows in my room. I added a decal monogram above the headboard. I also made sure that my curtains were light but also that they went with the color scheme. Finally, the comforter and pillows have all the colors of my room’s color scheme in them, tying together the whole room in the best way.

So that’s it everyone! Those are my tips and tricks on how to make your room into your happy place! What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with anything I’ve written above? Do you have your own tips and tricks on how to make your room into your happy place? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

Note: All pictures in this post belong to me. I took all of them myself. If you would like to use any of them, please contact me and let me know. All I would ask is that you give me credit and/or link my blog as the source. Thanks!

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