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Fall Beauty Trends

Beauty trends go in cycles, this much is always true. One day it’s in, the next day you’re looking at an old photo of yourself realizing you haven’t seen such bright colors since the 1980’s. That being said, some trends go out of style and come back, and some never leave. Those are the good ones. So, some of these trends aren’t new. They are just so fabulous, they are coming back (or they never left). For me, these are the trends I’ve noticed developing for this fall, and I gotta say, I’m on board.

Dark Lipstick

image1  IMG_7069

This trend is not for the weak-hearted fashionista. It’s for the bold, because this trend itself makes a bold statement. Dark lipstick isn’t for everyone, I get that, but it is popping up everywhere; on my newsfeed, around town, and even on my own lips! I, for one, love this trend. It’s not something I would wear every day. But I do think it’s a good look for going out, or just for when I want to feel like a little bit of a bad ass. I recommend every girl giving it a try at least once. If it ends up not being for you, that’s fine. But don’t be shy or nervous about it. If you are confident and you feel good wearing it, it will show 🙂 So dare to be different!

Gray Nail Polish

TFB_London-Snog-NEW_large      7aabacb66751e1ad1bd17ac1c18e6786

This is something I’ve just discovered myself, and I’ve got to say, I’m in love. I’m wearing gray nail polish right now as I’m typing this (in Trust Fund Beauty’s London Snog – it’s a good look). My brother has said, “I love gray. It might be my favorite color… no, scratch that. It’s definitely my favorite color.” Before, I might have called him drab or boring, but I have got to say, as I grow into a more sophisticated style I am becoming more inclined to agree with him. Gray is the perfect “mature” color, and there are so many shades! And, hell, it just looks good, so who am I to argue with the trends?

Multi-Colored Manicures

88d2bf95e7483711e4c0c0e918c5d1b1  208badfc610ed9302dd73fa9d60f46c0

Multi-colored manicures have been around for years. For some of you, it’s likely that they call to mind childish and immature ghosts of trends passed. It can look good and stylish if you do it the right way. Now if you like to do different colors of bright, neon, more power to you. Style is an expression of self, and there are no rules when it comes to style. But the trend I’ve noticed that’s picking up steam for this fall is a multi-colored manicure like the ones pictured about. Shades that are in the same color family that go well together – like different shades of gray (again, like I mentioned above, I can’t help it – I’m obsessed!)

Matte Everything

315e08c1ac3176da4e7211effee27562  99afcd964ddb8c9e8afa779e853279fc

I know matte everything when it comes to make-up is a trend that developed more last year. However, it’s a trend that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. Matte nails and lips seem to be taking over the make-up world, and I’ve got to say that I’m not complaining. Matte lipstick (in my opinion) seems to stay on better than any other type of lipstick or lip gloss I’ve ever seen. The matte nails are just a fun alternative to the norm.

Defined Brows

e6e9ab1459251eb6f6dc687879fae116  61d558a32e5adffa52208771c77f1e0d

Once again, another trend that is not necessarily brand new, but it is another trend that seems to be sticking around rather than fading out. It’s hard to find the balance between bushy and bold, and just as hard to find the line between thin and over-plucked. This is something I’ve always had a hard time with, but I’m getting better. If you have absolutely no clue how to get the style of brow you desire, go to your favorite local beauty salon. Talk with someone there who knows brows, someone you REALLY trust. Tell them what you want, and then have them give you an eyebrow wax. I know, I know, that is not what you wanted to hear. It hurts like hell and I hate it. But no matter what you want your eyebrows to look like, starting with a wax to get your desired brow type and shape is a great starting point. From there you can pluck and to keep your brows the way you want to for virtually as long as you keep up regular maintenance. I don’t think I’ve had an eyebrow wax in 5-6 years. But I’m still trying to get my eyebrows a little bigger, so I’m doing my best to keep from over-plucking.

Rose Gold + Gray/Silver

e1d71d2468b175075dd02275157e71ab  7da8c157654b984be40a98de65ddeca2

Now when I was in high school I dyed, dyed, and dyed my hair multiple times. I got to a point where I over-dyed my hair and had to have my hair stylist fix the havoc I had wreaked on my hair. So I haven’t dyed my hair in a while. But two hair colors I have noticed popping up over the past year or so (maybe less) are rose gold and gray/silver. They are muted colors, and pastels are so in right now. These two colors in particular have made their way into the spotlight, and I can see why. I recommend getting it done professionally, but if you can do it yourself and you know what you’re doing, go for it.


e91717f93563e1df135a64a1098142e3  6b8342cda1f74a27ad6f31551a43aadd

Balayage is a new concept to me. Only recently did I hear of this trend. Now, to me, Baylayage looks extremely similar to ombre (which is also a pretty hot trend right now and has been for a while now). So, I looked up what the difference between the two is and I found this article at by Diane Mary. Basically, both words are French and they are similar looks. The meaning of the word ombre is “as two-toned.” It’s a gradual fading from one color to another (usually dark to light from root to tip). Baylayage means “to sweep.” In the article, it explains that, “in balayage, the colorist “sweeps” vertically with the tip of the brush and only to the front of the hair.” It also goes on to mention that, Balayage is currently the most requested coloring technique in salons today with lots of celebrities doing their hair in this fashion,” thus making my point.

So that’s my list of fall trends to be on the lookout for! What do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you think there are new beauty trends developing that you don’t see above? Comment below to let me know! Thanks for reading 🙂

Disclaimer: Only one of these photos belongs to me. The picture of me in dark lipstick. The photo beside it was pre-approved for posting by the owners. The rest of the pictures above do not belong to me and were found on Pinterest. I do not own any of them. If any of the above pictures do belong to you and you wish for them to be removed from this post, please contact me directly and I will take them down immediately.

The article mentioned and quoted above from was not written by me. It was written by Diane Mary. I was using it as a reference for what the difference between Baylayage and Ombre is. None of the quotes/words belong to me and all credit for the explanation goes to and Diane Mary. No Copyright Infringement intended. Please contact me directly if you take any issue with this. Thanks! 

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