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ipsy’s September Glam Bag


Well all, if you’ve read my post about make-up you know that I am an ipsy subscriber. Have been for the past year. Now I wasn’t sure which company to go with when it came to getting monthly make-up samples, but so far I have to say I’m glad I decided on ipsy. With every glam bag, I get about 4-6 different make-up samples (and sometimes full-sized products!) depending on the sizes, etc. These sample products are picked based on the results of the ipsy Beauty Quiz (which is like a 5-minute quiz to help better tailor the Glam Bag to your personal style, your complexion, your skin type, etc.) and the reviews you write on the products you receive (this obviously comes in handy more after your first few Glam Bags or so).

But enough about the details of the Glam Bag process. On to what I received this month. I haven’t gotten a chance to try all of it, but once I do I will write a review!

ipsy Eye Shadow Trio by NYX

It’s always a treat to receive a full-size anything, and for me it’s even better when that full-size product happens to be eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is actually on of the few make-up products that I have the most experience with, so I love to experiment with different brands and colors.


Ultra Repair® Cream by First Aid Beauty

For someone with dry skin like me, something like this is a great thing to receive in your glam bag. I am always looking for new products to try on my skin to keep it hydrated, happy, and healthy (although I am guilty of falling back on Aveeno most of the time because I know it works – I do love giving new products a try, though!)


Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel by Elizabeth Mott

Eyebrow fill is something I have discovered more recently. I started experimenting with it when I received an eyebrow pencil in one of my previous glam bags. I found that I liked it so it’s exciting to receive another eyebrow fill product. Although, I have not yet tried a gel/liquid formula so that should be an exciting new experience.


Aceite de Argan by Octavio Molina Hair

I have never used Argan Oil in my hair, so that should be another interesting, first-time experience for me!


City Chic Lipstick in One Night Stand by City Color Cosmetics

I have always had trouble with lipstick and lip gloss, and I have recently been experimenting with it more. So I’ve come to think that maybe I just wasn’t using the right products. Lip products I have received from ipsy have always been on point, so I’m excited to give this lipstick a try. I especially love the color!



If you would like to become an ipsy Glam Bag subscriber, visit their website and sign up today! It’s only $10 a month and in my opinion, it’s practically a steal.

Note: All pictures in this post (except for the feature image) belong to me. I took all of them and edited them myself. If you would like to use any of them, please contact me and let me know. All I would ask is that you give me credit and/or link my blog as the source. The featured image belongs to ipsy, it is not mine and I do not claim it is. If the featured image belongs to you and you would like me to remove it, please contact me and I will take it down immediately. Thanks!

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