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6 Reasons Moving Back In With Your Parents Is Driving You Slightly Crazier Than Usual

My first article published on Thought Catalog.

Image from Bridesmaids.

As a recent college grad (we are talking May – What up Class of 2014?) who is working an internship, I am currently living with my parents again. This is something I haven’t done in about four years. I could have chosen the freedom of living on my own (not) and trying to financially support myself with my current internship (basically I would be living in my car). I could have even chosen to stay down in Charleston, my favorite place in the world (see the last sentence – it would be like that, but in Charleston). I chose a different option; to live with my parents.That way I can enjoy both my mother’s cooking and not living in a cardboard box until I get on my feet working steadily at a full-time job.

I get it guys, it’s great living with your parents. Plenty of us do it. Like I said, I’m doing it. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with you if you choose to do it. You get food you haven’t eaten in four years (on account of being allergic to cooking anything for yourself). You get the support of your family. You get a little more time to figure it all out while you chase your dream job.

There is another side of living with your parents, and I am not just talking about the readjustment period. I’m talking after the readjustment period. That’s the not so great side. I mean, hey, there are pluses and minuses to everything in life. This just so happens to be a list of those minuses that make you want to move out before you tear your hair out.

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